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“[SHE] is some combination of artist and sorceress.”

— Willamette Week


“Sister Tasha, you are a Light!
Beautiful Warrior, Musician, Priestess, Sexy Mama
 You shine so bright even as you face your own darkness. 
Sometimes your light is like a night light. 
Sometimes, a spotlight. 
At other times, a BEACON from a lighthouse
 It is ALWAYS there. 

If I were to have my own label,
I would sign you.”

- Lisa Simone (daughter of the legend, Nina Simone)






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The enchanting singer-songwriter-film photographer Tasha Joy
was brought home in 1974 to Hidden Hollow Trailer Court located in Kearney, Nebraska. She lived in four states by age 15 and struggled to make lifelong friendships, but found solace in cleaning, playing classical piano and imagining her life as a singer. Her father was a sea captain and her mother, a musician. Tasha grew to 5’10”, became an awarded collegiate athlete and coach, then married and gave birth to three children, with whom she stayed at home full time. She has had 34 jobs, but motherhood itself revealed the artist, seemingly out of necessity. Miller’s eye as a self-taught 35mm film photographer has decorated walls across the country. National Bathrobe Day, a 2017 self-released album, reflects deeper meaning inside of Miller’s famed Portland attire. Tasha is the Founder and President the Bathrobed Housewives Association.

“Minding our own business is not what we do.”

2017-2019 was filled with performance dates for several of Portland’s most attended non-profit fundraising events, private parties and local jazz clubs. Miller’s artistic contributions reveal an unbridled compassion for the human condition. It’s not abnormal to leave her vocal space having been emotionally rinsed and awakened...wondering if Tasha knows your story.


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Tasha Miller

Photographer and Songwriter/Performer Portland, Oregon
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