Oregonian Photo
Tasha at home

“On the cover of her new album, Tasha Miller wears a slinky black dress, dark lipstick and fake eyelashes, her hair styled and piled high, microphone cord wrapped around her fist like a lasso, looking every bit the R&B diva she sounds on her newest record.” (continue reading)
- Samantha Swindler, Oregonian

Oregonian Photo

“She slinks toward the stage in a dazzling black-lace floor length mermaid-style dress. A clip holds in place the dark brown tresses cascading…five-inch black heels accentuate her enviably lean 5’11” frame.” (continue reading)
- Yuxing Zheng, Oregonian

“I've seen only a few singers hold an audience in the palm of their hand. Tasha is one of those singers”
- Dave Fleschner, keyboardist from Curtis Salgado Band; worked with B.B. King, Pointer Sisters, many more international talents
“Tasha is a force of nature. She sings her way through the American Songbook with a remarkable sense of style and phrasing. A completely contemporary voice, she still hearkens back to smoky jazz clubs of a bygone time, holding audiences in the palm of her hand.”
- Keith Clark, Conductor
“Electrifying. The real deal.”
- Mary Lang Bishop, Owner of Pendleton Woolen Mills, Portland
“My superstar!”
- Michael Gibbons, Owner of Papa Haydn and Jo Bar & Rotisserie, Portland
“Unbridled, she remains. Effusive and infectious. Off color and off kilter. Hip Hop, Gospel, Soul,  R&B, Ballads, Improv. Magnetic performer with a triumphant sound.”
- Kris Homsi, Portland Resident
“Tasha stands on the edge every day.”
- Julie Keefe, Photographer, 1st Mayor-Appointed Portland Creative Laureate

Hills & Heights

“In September's feature story, Ginger Burke mentioned 'local singer and Hillside neighbor Tasha Miller,' who sang at the celebration of their beloved mailman Dave's retirement party. [Tasha] created the event in it's entirety. We took some time to get to know Tasha and are delighted to bring her colorful, moving, and fascinating story to you... (continue reading)
- Meg Cotner, Hills & Heights Magazine

Willamette Week
Tasha Miller singing

“[Tasha Miller] is some combination of artist and sorceress.”
(continue reading)
- Willamette Week