"Tasha…I am a witness. To your art, your passion, your creativity. There is humor, comfort and irony in the bathrobe. But it is also the transformation of pain into art."

"The Lincoln High gym can be a soul-filled home…with spirited players grooving on the floor, sparkling confetti and idling onlookers strewn about. Tasha is hip-hop, gospel, soul, jazz, R&B, ballads and improv. A magnetic ensemble and beautiful happening. Thank you for creating a home away from home and bringing a triumphant sound to the gym."

"Tasha, the ecosystem that you have created with your music and friends is amazing. GREAT show. Powerful songs. Nicely done."

"Tasha, your ability to speak your heart in your words and songs so openly and honestly always humbles and inspires me to think and feel."

"You are a rock star. An amazing force of nature. You are BEYOND belief and simply the dearest."

"Tasha, the line from Don McLean's song Vincent comes to mind:
This world was never meant for anyone as beautiful as you."

"Tasha, you are fierce. I mostly appreciate your beautiful volcanic heart."

"Tasha, you make going to goodwill to buy a bathrobe sound like the most important thing I can do today."

"First Comes Love:
A beautiful collection of songs that evoke some of the deepest emotions of love that I have ever experienced. Tasha Miller's original songs offer a poignant view into her life and the sometimes agonizing love she feels for the ones closest to her. I will be sending this collection to the ones closest to me."

"Her voice is her weapon -- and it's one that heals."

"Tasha is a rare human harnessing great power musically and otherwise."

"So absolutely hilarious that the classiest singer in Portland referenced the Truffle Butter song."

"Tasha, you stand on the edge every day."

"Humor—especially self deprecating humor—is sometimes the most profound way one can express herself."

"Unbridled you remain, effusive and infectious, off colour and off kilter. Tasha, you alone may have elevated the hillside microclimate by a degree or so on Saturday."

"If I can be honest, Tasha, the main reason I email you is for the pleasure of reading your response."

"Tasha is talented in so many ways. Maybe she's here to sing and explain the complicated conundrums of this life. She speaks so plainly and elegantly about the difficulties that arise in life, the parts people don't want to talk about, just like it were coffee talk. Very special talent and yet her words are moving, authentic and truthful."

"Tasha—"Mensch Meir” or “man oh mister” as they say in Germany, where do I begin? How’ bout with thanks for packing the house last night. Money and packed house aside, your singing and presence brings such an elegant and honest air to the atmosphere at Jo Bar. It feels so right. You are my superstar!"

"YOU are beautiful, amazing, soul provoking and so very talented. I LOVE it. I can't wait to buy your albums...Bob walked in just as I was about to play your song for the 3rd time. I said, "Guess this artist" - he said immediately "Tasha". You have such a unique, earthy, soulful sound. Sexy as hell, too!!"

"I've been saving Boob Guy for my road trip to Palm Desert and...OMG!! Your love, your passion, your voice, your talent, your lyrics, that band and backup, OMG!! Can't wait 'til New Year's Eve!!!
P.S. OMG!!!!!!!!"

"Damn, girl! Its great! Rips you sideways emotionally too … back and forth And that voice! You need to be the next theme song singer on a James Bond film. I can see and hear it now …"

"Tasha's voice is restrained, yet soulful. Gentle, yet self-assured. She mixes and glides between jazz phrasing and singer-songwriter sensitivity.

"Tasha Miller at Jimmy Mak's: [Tasha] is some combination of artist and sorceress..."

"Tasha, you were over the top fantastic last night. What an amazing group of musicians you gather together….but your voice and presence makes the whole performance electrifying. We loved every minute and how you work in the crowd into your presentation….M always feels so special when you single him out!!! And rightly so! You are amazing, MRS. TASHA…and we love your other half, MR. SCOTT too! Your dad should write a memoir….because all of you are so talented….The Jablonski Chronicles! You are the real deal!"

"WOW, Okay Portland, Listen Up At Arrivederci's" -- 'Incredible music, incredible singer, a must see! Tasha Miller: One of my old bosses used to say you want your customers to say WOW when they receive your goods and services. [The Tasha Miller Trio] delivered the WOW for those of us lucky enough to be in attendance at Arrivederci Wine Bar in Milwaukie tonight.[She] sings in a way that makes you wish you could listen forever...'

"Ohhhhhh Tasha.............You're Boob Guy does add a lot of intensity. He is full of emotion and I LOVE IT! You spared nothing in this CD and that is why it is so great."

"I am very much drawn to the literary and poetic aspects of most music. Your lyrics have incredible depth and demonstrate powerful, caring emotions. I always take great pride in knowing you personally and celebrate your musical accomplishments among my friends."

" Tasha, I love your trilogy. Your song touches many souls. Thank you for sharing yours with every lyric phrase."

"Tasha Miller has a beautiful clear voice, a vivacious personality, and..."

"That's All I Want for You [Track 3 on NEEDS]--I am sobbing so much I think I'll never stop. I can hardly see the computer to write this email. My desk is covered with Kleenex. Tasha, this is the best, most beautiful and profound collection of wishes that I have ever heard--wishes that I would hope every mother could have for her children. You nailed it. I want my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren all to hear that song. I'll tell them "This is what I would have said to you if only I could have put it into words like Tasha did." This song perfectly captures your personal philosophy of life and love--I see it in action every time I see you with your children. Your mom must be bursting with pride when she hears this song. I don't know if these were her wishes for you too--maybe this is how you grew up--all I know is that every child in the world needs to hear this song as if it were sung by someone who loves them. It is so loving in a very demanding way. As if you were saying "It's so simple--all I want for you is (fill in the blank)"-- as if you're talking about something insignificant--but then you come out with amazing and real blockbuster things you want for your children (and your friends too). It's ironic and powerful and lovely beyond words. So many children grow up without these beautiful possibilities and can see them only as if they were wishes. You don't just WANT these things for people--you're DEMANDING that they happen and the universe will listen. Now I understand why this album is called Needs. Thank you, Tasha, for putting this out there. It's better than any instruction manual for parenthood. Congratulations on your masterpiece--it's exquisite, like you."

"Portland favorite, Tasha Miller, will be in song and many sparkling shades of green for the evening..."

"we (my 4 year old and I) are enjoying Boob Guy. I found him chiming in with me in the car and the bathtub “ladies… he’s a boob guy!” which in turn made him ask the question “mom, what’s a boob guy?” He also giggles at the end of Nothin’ But Good when you yell that you need beef? Cracks him up! Under the Knife gets me every time, mainly because I know who it is about, but the words are touching and really capture what I can only imagine what you went through. So, glad Scott is doing better, what we do without him!"

"All I can say is WOW!!!! Your new cd is amazing, Tasha. Your voice is powerful, beautiful and wonderfully expressive. Your arrangements are mind-bogglingly great--it's all good--nothing but good. Your range, variety and the production values -- are terrific. I have [THE BOOB GUY] loaded with some other stuff by nationally known artists and when it comes on, I think to myself, "No, that's not Adele or Patty Griffin or Diane Schur. That's MY TASHA!!!!! You rock for sure."

"The world has been waiting for you. Keep on truckin', Tash. Thanks for continuing to awe and inspire."

"Dear Joe and Darlyn: Thank you for the cards and the lovely red and white roses that came to the house, but thank you most for Tasha. Everyone at the funeral was asking where the woman with the beautiful voice came from. Anne was so happy to say, "She's my son's wife."

"Dear Tasha, Scott and Miller Family: Each time we have had the pleasure of attending a recital [in your home], it exceeds my wildest expectations of such an event. Tasha, the joy and fun you bring to the room is palpable."

"Your song is a kind of prayer and our souls are heard."

"Hey there Tasha, I really appreciate your abilities as a writer. I take my time and re-read [your emails] a few times (often to my wife, who is herself a writer) and always somehow come up with gold. Thank you."

"Thanks Tasha. Your poetic manner touches us all. Like your music, it reaches the soul as a prayerful moment we all need."


"Nevermind", 2016 original