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Did I ever satisfy?
Did you always want for more?
Somebody in another land
That you longed for at your core?
And did you even once believe
In all of you and all of me?
Did I ever? Did I ever satisfy?

Did you ever wanna know
If dreams go on alive?
Or do they mess with the eyes
Leaving the dreamer blind?
That thick and wicked fold
Is too tight all the time
But did I ever satisfy?

Was I ever the only one?
Was it all up in my head?
When in your darkest hours,
Was there somebody else instead?
Was I ever your everything?
Unwavering, long last?
Or not a single love
In your ever loving past?

Did I? Did I ever satisfy?
All the way?
Or was it a sophisticated thing?
Just for your display?
Will this devil of a quest
Ever run dry?
And did I ever satisfy?

Please tell me before I say goodbye
Did I ever? Oh, did I ever satisfy?
Did I ever satisfy?

Did I Ever Satisfy? is Written, Published and Produced by Tasha Miller (Portland, OR)
Co-Arrangement by Tasha Miller and Sam Howard.
by CDBaby; BMI performing rights organization

Tasha Miller - Lead vocals, Piano
Sam Howard - Bass
AG Donnaloia - Guitar
Russ Kleiner - Drums
Galen Clarke - Piano
Thomas Barber - Trumpet
Renato Caranto - Tenor Saxophhone

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Josh
Powell at The Map Room (Portland, OR)
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering (Portland, OR)